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Louise has over 40 years of marketing management experience with companies such as FORTUNE Magazine and Holiday Inn Worldwide, as well as hands-on entrepreneurial experience as one of the founders of a tech startup in the grocery e-commerce space. Her established consulting business has helped companies, non-profits, and entrepreneurs for over 20 years. She now focuses on helping creative entrepreneurs grow their businesses with her proven and successful process for building new markets and getting measurable results. Her passion and drive are evident in assisting each client to discover the "ah-ha" moment where new ideas and strategies can transform their brand strengths into growth potential for their company and take their business to the “next level”. 

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My Story

My story begins in Atlanta, Georgia as a curious little girl in a household with two big brothers and an entrepreneur father. I was always encouraged to ask questions, be observant and be kind to others. Keeping up with two older brothers probably encouraged my competitive spirit and drive. I have always had a passion for helping others and found myself volunteering and taking leadership roles with organizations and within my classes at school. At the age of 12, I asked my father if I could own a business like him. With his help, I started my quest to understand the world of business. At 15, I did an internship with the PR firm opening a new mall in Atlanta. I was challenged with hiring a teen modeling board from the surrounding high schools, none of which I attended. I understood the challenge and found a way to make it happen. Of course, I did not understand that this was supposed to be difficult for someone my age to accomplish. Oh, the naivety of youth.


I went off to college and pursued my interest in business. At Auburn University, I entered the business school, with not many women, I might add, but embraced it wholeheartedly. As a side note, who wouldn’t want to go to Auburn and become a huge SEC Football fan? I digress. Auburn gave me a strong base for business fundamentals and leadership roles. After graduation, I launched my career and had progressively stronger leadership roles with companies such as The Marriott Corp, Bell South, and Egleston Children’s Hospital, Holiday Inn Worldwide, and FORTUNE Magazine. As Director of Marketing for Holiday Inn Worldwide and running a division for FORTUNE Magazine, I honed my business philosophy and figured out how to run an entrepreneurial business within a larger company.


When 9-11 happened and the publishing business disappeared, I had to figure out my next steps. I took what I learned and boiled it down to a level that would help smaller businesses use their brand strength to grow and get results. Your business is where I am now focusing my attention. I have walked the walk you are in and can help you navigate your next steps.


I have never lost sight of wanting to help others, whether in my women’s Bible study, as a board member of Back the Blue Atlanta, helping support the morale of the Atlanta Police Department, or decorating neighbors’ mailboxes for the holidays. And of course, enjoying my family of 3 beautiful daughters, 2 sons-in-law, 3 grandchildren and 2 grand dogs.


The things that inspire me the most are spending time in my garden, growing and cultivating, being outside at the lake, traveling the world, taking the road less traveled, and helping entrepreneurs.


I look forward to learning what inspires YOU and working together to grow and develop your business!

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